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A single source reference on tropical weather predictions. With a traditional focus on the upper Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast we've maintained links to track all Atlantic Basin, Caribbean and eastern Pacific storm systems. We are now expanding our view to tropical storms throughout the world intending to be a comprehensive global storm tracking resource.

Friday, June 09, 2006

My First Post - Updated 16:12

Welcome to the newly created Gulf Coast Hurricane tracker. I will try to develop this site so that it serves as a single tool to help us during this 2006 hurricane season which started last week. There is already a disturbance just south of the Mexican peninsula that is expected to head north or northeast over the weekend. Expectations are that it will end up in the Bay of Campeche or on the ende of the Yucatan by the beginning of next week. If it exds up in the Bay then conditions may be right for some strengthening.

Stay Tuned.

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