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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Call 2-1-1- in Houston Metro Area now for evac assistance later

I first discussed this last year when it was discussed at the Hurricane Conference. Residents in Houston and the surrounding counties of Harris, Galveston and Fort Bend have the opportunity to register to let the officials know if you have any problems with evacuation.

The 2-1-1 Texas United Way Helpline is the only way for people who can’t transport themselves to get a free ticket out of town in an evacuation.

“It’s important to call before the storm so officials can get the correct numbers,” helpline Director David Jobe said last week at a town hall meeting sponsored by Houston District E Councilman Mike Sullivan.

Residents do not need to be bed-ridden or have a debilitating illness to qualify for the service, Jobe said.

Those who have cars in poor condition and even those who just can’t afford fuel for the trip are eligible for assistance.

Anyone who needs this assistance has to register each year so that the officials can have to correct amount of resources available to accommodate everyone. Waiting until a storm is approaching or after you are stuck on your roof is too late.

...officials said that with registration numbers falling each year with the fading memory of Hurricane Katrina, they can’t stress enough the importance of registering for transportation assistance as early as possible.

At 72 hours before a storm, any evacuation assistance must be provided by emergency response officials, Jobe said. And, once that wind hits 55 miles per hour, residents are on their own until the hurricane blows through.

To register with 2-1-1 online, visit, and click on the “About 2-1-1” link on the right.

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