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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Follow up to Petition against TIME

Media Research Center
Douglas Mills, Executive Vice President

I want to thank EVERY member of the MRC Action Team
who answered our call to action against TIME magazine!

This past Friday, my staff packaged and sent more than 33,000
petitions demanding a full and public apology from TIME magazine.
Even more incredible, was that just hours before our delivery,
I sent a plea to help rally an additional 10,000 signatures.

The MRC Action Team response was overwhelming as
nearly 20,000 citizens took action--pushing past our initial
goal and greatly enhancing our impact on this issue!

In all, your emails, follow-ups and phone calls to friends,
and family made the difference as we rallied more than 33,000
petition signers in less than a week!

This is precisely what Brent Bozell envisioned when he created
the MRC Action Team several years ago. He wanted to create a
pro-active team that could quickly respond and make a profound
impact on critical issues relating to liberal media bias.

I can't think of a better example than what just happened
with TIME magazine.

And even though we still haven't received a public apology
from them, our efforts have forced their editors to defend
themselves in the media as outrage continues to build nationwide
against the magazine.

Again, as a vital member of our MRC Action Team, I want
to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for all
you did to make this the most successful petition delivery
we've ever had!

Douglas Mills
Executive Vice President
Media Research Center

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