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Sunday, June 10, 2007

2007 Hurricane Workshop - Follow up

Yesterday I attended the 2007 Hurricane workshop in Houston. I posted the agenda Friday night in case anyone else might be interested and had some available time. Had I realized how good it would be I would have promoted it more.

The conference consisted of several focus sessions surrounding a general session hosted by Cecelia Sinclair, Meteorologist from Fox 26 in Houston. The general session consisted of the following presentations:
  • Kenneth Mercado, CenterPoint Energy: "Turning on the Lights"
  • Chief Thomas Lambert, Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County: "Evacuation of the Houston/Galveston Region"
  • Dr. Chris Landsea, National Hurricane Center: "Seasonal Forecasts...What Good Are They?"
I attended these three focus sessions:

Evacuation of Houston/Galveston Region
Emergency management officials from Harris, Galveston and Fort Bend counties and the city of Houston discussed the changes in the evacuation plans in a panel discussion hosted by Bill Read, Meteorologist in Charge NWS League City, TX.
Hurricane Expert: The Inside Story from a Hurricane
Doug Kiesling, a severe weather photojournalist, described what it is like, with video and pictures, to be in the middle of a hurricane. He showed how storm surge can destroy substantial buildings. He also showed the impact of hurricane force winds. He had video footage from the center of hurricanes Charlie, Ivan and Katrina before all of the politics began.
It Could Happen Tomorrow
A Weather Service meteorologist hosted a Weather Channel production on what would happen if a major hurricane (Cat 4) struck the Houston/Galveston Region tomorrow.
The main take aways were:
  1. Run from the water...Hide from the wind
  2. Have a personal plan. Be prepare to follow that plan.
  3. If you or anyone you know need any special assistance in evacuating please have them pre-register by calling 211.
The information from this conference is valuable to everyone living along the coast from Corpus Christi to New York. I will be posting on many of the discussions over the next few days.

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