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Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year 2008

This March 4th is my 20th anniversary in Texas. I arrived 3 years to the day before my oldest daughter was born with my Mazda 626 filled to the brim with everything I could bring. I took a slow trip down from New Jersey taking 4 days to work my way down along Interstate 81 to I-59 to I-10. I remember the worst storm I had ever seen when I stopped at the Holiday Inn in Slidell, La (just north of New Orleans) and the lady in the lounge telling my "Honey, it gets a whole lot worse where you're going." Maybe that's when my interest in hurricanes and tropical storms started.

One of the things that has always gotten me in trouble was my refusal to accept the time change from real United States of America, this is what the country runs to time (aka Eastern Standard Time) to Central Time (or this is where we live so get used to it time).

The BC comic above shows this well. Whenever we stay home, we watch the ball drop in Times Square. The ball comes down at 12:00 midnight EST. That is when the new year comes to the US. In my pea brain, that is the perfect time to start drinking champaign and kissing and shouting Happy New Year. Of course the Texas-born wife looks at me like I'm a dork and says that it's not midnight yet so just settle down. That whole idea of partying from when the ball drops to midnight local time is a myth!

Of course this comes in handy now. We let the little ones watch the ball drop and wish them a Happy New Year and put them to bed at 11. Then we adults with the teenagers can enjoy the change of the Year without the kiddoes getting in the way. I guess it works best this way.

To all my blog family -

Have a very happy and safe 2008. May the best that happened last year be the worst happens this year.

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