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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fengshen heads towards China

UPDATE: AccuWeather is reporting that Fengshen has made landfall just east of Hong Kong. Hong King International Airport is reporting heavy rain with winds of 30 MPH.

Further activity will diminish as the storm moves northward over land. Hopefully, this should be the beginning of the end for Fengshen.

Tropical Cyclone Fengshen has been downgraded to a tropical storm for the time being. Sea surface temperatures are very warm in the South China Sea but the wind shear is apparently high enough that further re-development is probably not likely.

Storm tracks I have seen show Fengshen either making landfall on the Chinese coast just east of Hong Kong or turning north and passing through the Strait of Taiwan. Either way, with the slow forward speed of this storm, heavy rains and the potential for flooding is very possible.

One thing that concerns me greatly with a landfall in China is that heavy monsoon rains were causing a lot of flooding in the southern part of China just last week. GDACs was listing this as either an Orange or Red alert area due to the flooding. Additional rain from the cyclone would just worsen the situation should these areas coincide.
Reports are listing a death toll as high as 255 people not including the nearly 700 who may have perished from the overturned ferry. With a death toll of close to 1,000 people, Fengshen is a very dangerous storm despite its low wind intensity.

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