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Sunday, August 17, 2008

State of Emergency Issued in Florida

From Florida State Emergency Response Team:

A Hurricane Watch is in effect for all of the Florida Keys from Ocean Reef to the Dry Tortugas. This includes all adjacent coastal waters including Florida Bay. A Tropical Storm watch is also in effect for the Southeast Coast of Florida From Ocean Reef northward to Jupiter Inlet and for Lake Okeechobee.

A hurricane watch is issued by the National Hurricane Center when a hurricane is about 36 hours away from landfall. A hurricane warning is issued when the storm is 24 hours, or less away from land and when winds are expected to reach 74 mph or greater.

Residents in these areas should closely monitor this storm and tune in to local media outlets for the most current information and guidance from local officials. All Floridians should review their emergency plans and be prepared to take action if required by local officials.

Fay has sustained winds of 50 MPH and is moving to the northwest at 13 MPH. A low pressure system in the Gulf and over the US southeast coupled with a high in the Atlantic will combing to steer Fay directly through the center of Florida and then over eastern Georgia. The predicted storm track has shifted further to the east bringing Fay over the central and eastern half of Georgia and into South Carolina. If the winds stay low, Fay will be a blessing by bringing much needed rain to drought stricken areas of the southeast.

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