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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Windspeed and Pressure as Ike approaches landfall

The following charts are plots of wind speed and air pressure as recorded by the buoys in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Galveston. These plots are ordered in the direction towards the shoreline and if I chose them correctly they will show the actual wind speed and pressure of Ike as he crosses over them towards the Island. Clicking on each plot should enlarge it to full size.

Station 42361 - Auger - Garden Banks 426

Station operated by Shell International E&P
Fixed Drilling Platform
27.550 N 92.490 W (27°33'0" N 92°29'24" W)

Station 42047 - HI-A389 TABS V

Developed and maintained by Texas A & M University
Funding provided by Flower Garden Banks Joint Industry Project

27.897 N 93.597 W (27°53'48" N 93°35'50" W)

Station 42043 - GA-252 TABS B

Developed and maintained by Texas A & M University
Funding provided by the Texas General Land Office's Oil Spill Prevention & Response Program

28.982 N 94.919 W (28°58'55" N 94°55'7" W)

2010 Atlantic Hurricanes (courtesy of

NOAA Gulf of Mexico Radar (courtesy of

NOAA West Atlantic & Caribbean Radar (courtesy of

NOAA East Atlantic Radar (courtesy of