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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Cold snap across the USA

Saturday December 12, 2009 saw the coldest weather in the USA this winter season. The map below from Meteo World shows the extent of the cold at 6 am EST Saturday morning.

I've seen this same map on Fox News in Degrees F but I think the French map in Degrees C is a bit more dramatic. Everything in blue is below freezing.

The graphic is from the article: Vague de froid sur les Etats-Unis. Neige sur Houston et dans le nord du Mexique (Meteo World)

Cold temperatures reached all the way to the Mexican border. This cold air mass is apparently moving to the east. Saturday morning the low just north of Atlanta was in the lower 40's (4 C as shown above.) This morning, the front yard thermometer read 24.9 F. Temperatures stayed below freezing this morning until around noon or so and finally hit a high of 43 by 3 pm.

The English translation of the above article (courtesy of Google Translate) is here: Cold wave on the United States. Snow in Houston and northern Mexico

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