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Monday, December 14, 2009

Cyclone Mick grows - pounds Fiji

Tropical Cyclone Mick increased further in strength becoming a level 2 cyclone based on the southern storm scale as it crashed into Fiji's main island. This put Mick at a solid Cat 1 on the Saffir Simpson scale. Mick had sustained winds of 90 - 110 kph at the center of the storm acccording to the Fiji Meterological Service. See Special Weather Bullitin here.

Cyclone Mick hammers Fiji (TVNZ)

Fiji is currently being hammered by Category Two Cyclone Mick.

Winds are averaging 110 kilometres an hour, with gusts up to 150 kilometres an hour.

It is expected to track through the middle of the island, hitting Suva at around 3am Tuesday.

Squally thunderstorms are forecast with flooding, as well as sea flooding in low lying coastal areas.

Mick apparently maintained its maximum strength as teh storm passed over the Fijian capital of Suva. Mick is now decreasing slightly, likely due to the interaction with land. Forecasts do not indicate a liklihood of further intensification.

Cyclone Mick: Eye of the Storm Passing Over Fiji (The Global Herald)

Tropical Cyclone Mick is now a category 1 storm. The centre was located at 11am FJT (12 hours ahead of GMT) about 110km North North-West of Nadi. The cyclone was moving South East at a rate of around 15-20 km p/h.

The cyclone is thought to be now past its peak and will be over North Western Viti Levu right now.

According to the Fiji Meteorological Service, the cyclone should maintain its southeast track overnight and tomorrow thus affecting nearly all parts of the Fiji Group. Rain has picked up dramatically in the Western division and should spread to other parts of the country overnight and tomorrow morning.

Flooding caused by Mick's heavy rain has taken one life.
Cyclone claims first life (Fiji Village)

Tropical Cyclone Mick has claimed a life in Sigatoka where a villager is believed to have drowned while returning from his farm earlier this afternoon.

Sigatoka Police confirm the matter was reported at Keiyasi Police Post this afternoon.

The incident happened in Nasikawa village, Keiyasi, where the man was returning with four others when he drowned and others managed to swim to safety.

Police are yet to find his body.

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