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Sunday, August 22, 2010

TD #6 forms in the Atlantic; Likely to strengthen

Tropical depression #6 formed near the Cape Verde Islands Saturday afternoon as expected by AccuWeather meteorologists. Forecasts for this season continue to call for a strong season even though there have only been 3 named storms so far none of which became hurricanes. This is about to change.

Where History Points Next Week's Hurricane in Atlantic (AccuWeather)

The feature of interest for this development is an area of low pressure to the south of the Cape Verde Islands. Historically, the majority of tropical systems that form over this part of the Atlantic Basin in August tend to stay out to sea. experts have taken a look at a history of tropical systems that have formed within 200 miles of latitude 12N and longitude 30W, roughly where the area of low pressure is expected to develop into a tropical system this weekend.

Most storms that have formed in this area in August took a path that curved northward over the western Atlantic, steering well clear of the U.S. A couple of these storms did, however, graze Bermuda and Newfoundland.
This is exactly where TD 6 formed. This new system has been showing signs of strengthening and should reach tropical storm strength later today. The storm will become Tropical Storm Danielle.

Tropical Depression 6 Strengthening in the Atlantic (AccuWeather)

Tropical Depression 6 formed on Saturday afternoon southwest of the Cape Verde Islands. This feature is expected to strengthen further into Tropical Storm Danielle today and a hurricane early this upcoming week.

Strengthening Factors and Track of Tropical Depression 6

As of 5:00 a.m. EDT on Sunday, the depression was located about 630 miles west-southwest of the Cape Verde Islands with motion to the west-northwest at 9 mph. Maximum-sustained winds were 35 mph.


Satellite images early on Sunday show a much better organized tropical depression, and the strengthening trend will continue into the early part of the week. The tropical depression will remain on a path over warm waters in an environment with weak wind shear today into Monday.

The only inhibiting factor will be dry air from Africa located to the northeast of the system.

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