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Friday, September 03, 2010

Developing tropical systems

Several storms are developing in both the Atlantic and the Pacific basins.

Tropical Storm Gaston disintegrated into a remnant low pressure system over the past few days from a Tropical Storm due to interactions with dry air and wind shear. Today these remnants have been reorganizing and the NHC is projecting a 60% chance that Gaston will re-develop into a tropical depression or tropical storm within the next 48 hours.

To the east of Gaston's remains is a rather vigorous tropical wave that is showing signs of organizing near the Cape Verde Islands. The NHC has increased the likelihood of organization to 30% this evening.

In the Eastern Pacific, two tropical depressions have formed along the coast of Mexico.

Tropical Depression 10E has 35 MPH sustained winds. It is located to the southwest of Baja California and is moving away from land. The system is not expected to strengthen and is only a concern for shipping interests.

Tropical Depression 11E is located near the southern coast of Mexico. It also has 35 MPH winds and is moving towards the southern Mexican coast. It is expected to become a Tropical Storm before making landfall. Once it makes landfall, the computer models show several pathways all of which take the storm up through Mexico. There is a very slight chance that the system could enter the Gulf and re-develop.

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