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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

TD # 16 forms in Caribbean; set to soak US East Coast

Tropical Depression 16 formed in the warm waters of the Caribbean yesterday and is now crossing much of Cuba. The storm seems to be fairly disorganized with much of the heavy rain far to the east of the center of the storm. Once this storm crosses the island, then increased organization is likely resulting in Tropical Storm Nicole.

Graphic courtesy of Spaghetti

The computer models show that this storm is set to soak the entire east coast over the next several days. Tomorrow the storm is projected to become a tropical storm and cross the Florida peninsula. From there the system will hug the coastline scraping along the entire eastern seaboard from South Carolina to the Canadian maritime provinces. From there the system or its remnants are projected to continue across the Atlantic over to the United Kingdom.

To me the storm track models look similar to an international flight plan from Atlanta to London. The models are very consistent with each other showign tight convergence along the coast. TD #16 is a fast moving storm and is projected to reach the Carolinas by Friday and New England by the end of the week.

Rainbands from TD#16 are already dropping moisture on Floriday. The rain will continue and become heavier as the storm approaches and crosses the southern end of the state.

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