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Monday, June 19, 2006

The heavy rain is not over in Houston

The rain has settled some in the Houston Metroplex with the heaviest rain along the Brazoria county coastline. The link is to Davis Paul's forecast from KHOU. He is expecting more heavy rain late this afternoon or overnight as the storm circulates around the low pressure system. Up to 11 inches of rain has fallen in the area between Pasadena and Hobby Airport. Most of this rain haas fallen over just 2 hours. The drainage systems are not designed for this much rainfall in such a short period of time.

The storm appears to be circultaing around the Low pressure which is currently to the east of Houston. David Paul forecast at 9:57 see link here

discusses how he expects the center of the low pressure to track either to the southwest or to the west. The heaviest rain will follow the track of the low and flooding is likely along this track. It will only take 5 inches or so to add to the flooding as the bayous and streams are already above their banks.

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