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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Some good news on the storm front

First of all, it looks like Tropical Storm Chris is dying down. As the storm amrched across the caribbean, winds have died down to as low as 40 MPH right now. I emphasize the right now statement because personally, I am not ready to count this one out. Once the storm gets into the warm Gulf waters we could see a resurgence in strength - this is my speculation, not anything official - but I say lets just keep paying attention until the storm's organization is completely broken apart. Lookign at the steerign currents across the country, it still looks like the general progress of the storm will be towards the western Gulf. Next week will tell us for certain.

Additionally, The Atlantic Storm prediction has been reduced. The Colorado State University Team based their revision on warming in the eastern Pacific and the sea surface temepratures in the North Altlantic have dropped some. Fewer tropical systems is always a good thing. Of course when Andrew came across there was only one storm all year so we can never get complacent.

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