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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Using "Global Warming" as an excuse to raise more taxes

Here it is starting. The first article I read on this topic was that France was instituting a tax on CO2 emission from airlines of 1 to 40 euros depending on the class of service and whether the flight was domestic or international. OK this is pointless but it is such a small amount comapred to the cost of a ticket that it is not worth worrying about.

This article - a couple of days later - from the UK indicates that the UK is doing the same thign but its fee of up to 40 UK pounds sterling is much higher than the french tax.

I refer all readers to the link on the real causes of Global Warming on http:/// especially to the limited effect that CO2 actually causes and that taxing emissions will really do nothing.

Add to that the fact that the leading proponent for such a tax is a group "The GreenSkies Alliance" that opposes the growth of the airlines industry immediately raises questions of a conflict. It seems to me that their intent is not primarily saving the environment but more in line with using the environment as a means to punish an industry that they oppose. This is a clear conflict of interest.

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