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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Visit "The Dumb Ox"

I just want to take a short break from the weather and climate to request that any readers whom have come here directly either via your favorites or directly please visit "The Dumb Ox" (The title of this post will link directly to the site). I think most of us reading this have come from the D. O. thanks to the Trackbacks.

The Dumb Ox has a full range of everything we all need for a quality life:

Current world events
Spiritual enlightenment
News updates from Reuters (complete with video)
Games (fun stuff and intellectual challenges)
Links to the scripture readings
Sidebar links from 2 news sites and from Catholic

The Dumb Ox is the perfect way to start the day to know what is happening in the world, what is important (not necessarily the same thing) and for an occasional diversion.

So please check out: The Dumb Ox <>

Without the help of D. Ox I think this first attempt at a blog would have been as successful as Rat implies here (thanks and apologies to Steve Pastis). Thanks to D. Ox and all of you for coming here to see what I've had to say. It really makes me feel good to receive the kind remarks from y'all.

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