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Friday, December 08, 2006

Looking ahead to 2007

The 2006 hurricane season has just finished and already we are starting to see predictions for next year. This article (H/T Drudge Report), predicts the same type of season for 07 that had been originally predicted for 06. This is certainly reasonable considering that we are in a period of high tropical activity in the Atlantic. We need to be prepared for several years of high activity before we see a drop off.

"Based on current and projected climate signals, Atlantic basin and US landfalling tropical cyclone activity are forecast to be 60 percent above the 1950-2006 norm in 2007," said Tropical Storm Risk (TSR), a London-based consortium.

"There is a high (around 80 percent) likelihood that activity will be in the top one-third of years historically," it added in its press release.

It gave the rough forecast of more than 15 tropical storms, of which nearly nine would be hurricanes, and nearly four intense hurricanes.

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