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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Boxer pledges shift on global warming policy with new Senate role (Santa Barbara News-Press)

For the past few months we have seen reports of how cosmic radiation, intensity of the sun, natural weather variation and other evidence that shows that carbon dioxide is only a part of the many causes of global warming. Likely a small part. Well now we don't have to worry about the facts getting in the way of action. With the upcoming change in leadership in the Senate, Barbara Boxer will become the chair of the US Senate's environmental committee. She has promised to force federal legislation to curb greenhouse gas emissions among other environmental actions. The global warming legilation will be modeled after California's law capping greenhouse emissions and reducing them by 25% by 2020.

''Time is running out, and we need to move forward on this,'' Boxer said of global warming during a conference call with reporters. ''The states are beginning to take steps, and we need to take steps as well.''

Ms. Boxer replaces Jim Inhofe who has publicly challenged the alarmist approach taken by the media to incite fear in the public. Mr. Inhofe has called global warming the "greatest hoax perpetuated on the American people".

We can only hope that the president decides to find his veto pen.

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