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Monday, September 25, 2006

Tropics are quiet worldwide

From The Weather Channel (link above), some really good news right in the middle of hurricane season:

Except for a couple of disturbed areas in the eastern Atlantic Ocean, the tropics are quiet. One disturbed area is located about 1100 miles east of the northern Windward Islands, but conditions there are not particularly favorable for the development of a depression.

The other area of interest is several hundred miles SSW of the Cape Verde Islands. Some additional development is possible there, and a depression could form within the next day or two as the system pushes westward.

There are no threats in the eastern Pacific.

Update: Well that was short lived. A few hours after this notice was posted at the Weather Channel, some tropical disturbances developed in the western Pacific and now TD#9 has formed and will soon become a tropical storm. It is still significant that the season is nowhere near as bad as last year was and is even much calmer than the predictions led us to believe. This is good.

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