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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hurricane John Advisory & TS Kristy

John Weakens As It Nears Baja California Hurricane John has weakened to a strong Catagory 2 as it approaches Baja California, Mexico. This is still a dangerous storm and care must be taken. Hopefully any damage won't be as bad as it might have been when the storm was a Cat 4 (see earlier comments later in this post).

Meanwhile, Kristy was downgraded after briefly existing as a Cat 1 hurricane. If/when John turns west, the two storms could eventually merge into one storm.

We usually do not track Pacific storms on this site. But I thought I would make an exception this time. The post title links to the NWS Advisory on Hurricane John.

Hurricane John is a Catagory 4 monster. Dangerous John Coming Closer to Mexico.

Forecasters predict march up Mexico's Pacific coast

He is hugging the western Mexican coast and the track shows it coming close to and possibly crossing Baja California. Even if the eye of the storm stays off-shore, severe damage could result including very heavy rains and 18ft+ high storm surges.

Right in the same area is Tropical Storm Kristy. Kristy is expected to become a Cat 1 hurricane. Fortunately her path seems to be taking her away from land at the moment.

The Pacific has been very active this year and a major typhoon even forced the evacuation of the military base on Wake Island (elevation: 18 ft). The Chinese government stated a few weeks ago that they blame the high number and intensity of cyclones this year on global warming. That is no different than Al Gore saying the same thing about last years Atlantic storm season. It doesn't make it so, but to the people who are fighting the storm at this moment, it really doesn't matter.

I'll update this post as information on John or Kristy is available.

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