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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Debby is depressing but Ernesto is growing

Well I have been out of pocket for the past couple of weeks and it is a bit disappointing that I essentially missed the entire cycle of what was once known as tropical storm Debby.

A lot of excitement was building when Debby formed so close to Africa and started building so quickly. This is the time of year when strong storms form near Africa and build as they travel across the Atlantic. It certainly seemed like this was the case last week as Debby grew. Suddenly the storms strength dropped and she will soon be no longer. The fact that the storm will not affect any land is always a good thing regardless what the intensity is.

Ernesto is another situation. All indications are that this storm will grow into a hurricane and is heading straight for the Gulf. The likelihood appears that the this storm will stay relatively mild as hurricanes go - Cat 1 - bit as anyone who lives on the coast knows, once a storm enters the Gulf all bets are off. It can suddenly strengthen, change direction or dissipate. We will have to watch this one as it heads our way and act appropriately.

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