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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas to all my new friends (and open trackback holiday)

Merry Christmas to all of my new friends from our humble abode here in Houston.

I started blogging early in 06 thanks to help and support from The Dumb Ox. In June I started GCHT thinking I would have a bunch to wrote about for the 2006 hurricane season. Well that didn't happen, fortunately.

What did happen is that I met some people I consider to be friends. NY, Alberta, Austin, Bayonne, Phoenix, San Francisco by way of Honolulu, right here in Houston and a few other places location unknown. With y'alls help I have met people from all over the world and I've learned so much on many different topics. I hope you all have a very blessed and happy Christmas.

I hope we all get much of what we want and not too much of what we actually deserve :-) LOL

Many years ago my aunt gave me a decoration for under the Christmas tree of Santa with his hat off kneeling in front of baby Jesus. That is probably my favorite decoration of the season. It is certainly the most meaningful to me. I call it "Priorities". I hope with all of the last minute rushing around and the craziness of all the commercialization that we can all remember this statuette and make an attempt to keep our priorities straight and in the proper perspective.

Remember, over 2,000 years ago a solitary light came into the world and lit up the place forever. Let us all remember that the light of the world is the most important in all that we do and Jesus is that light. Let's let His birth shine and not just hide Him under a bushel basket in a misguided attempt to not offend anyone.

Finally, all of my trackbacks are open all the time. I just want to emphasize that especially this Christmas week. I am sending this post out to all my friends. Send me yours back and have a blessed week.

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