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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Cherry picking the global warming data

I'm seeing a pattern here. Every time a qualified, respectable scientist reviews the data on climate change and comes to the conclusion that it is mostly or completely natural, there is a flurry of reports on how the IPCC report, which has yet to be issued, has confirmed that there is nothing but doom and gloom ahead unless CO2 emissions are cut back.

Research said to prove that greenhouse gases cause climate change has been condemned as a sham by scientists. In fact global warming could be caused by increased solar activity such as a massive eruption.

The Polar Bears are not dying, but are thriving in most areas in the Arctic. As a matter of fact, it has now come to light that the picture of the Polar Bears "stranded" on the melting iceberg is actually an ice sculpture formed by the wave action of the sea. The bears are just having fun. Polar Bears can swim over 100 miles and are not likely to be stranded on any ice floes.

The climate change alarmists and their media mouthpieces are reaching for whatever straws they can grasp. And as more scientists speak out and denounce the alarmism surrounding every gust of wind we can expect the MSM and Hollywood to fight back. It's a loosing battle on their part but all that matters is the cause. Don't confuse anyone with the facts.

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