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Saturday, July 14, 2007

TAG!....I'm It.

OK Angel was ever so kind as to tag me/ I think it was an excuse to get off my duff and post something. So as an aside to tropical weather, which has been fairly quiet so far this season and since the last time I got tagged (with an award no less) I just let it drop, here we go:

The rules:

1. Post the rules for the meme at the beginning of your post.
Ok, I blew that one already. ha

2. This meme consists of the blogger listing eight random facts/habits about themselves.

3. People who are tagged in this post are to write their own post listing their own eight random items and list the rules.

4. At the end of the post/meme, list the folks you are tagging and leave them notice of such in their comments.

Eight Random Facts:

1. - My kids are the most important to me in my life. All seven.

2 - My religion is very important in my life, yet I question if I've instilled any of that value in the lives of my children.

3. - The best vacation I have ever had was the 3 days we spent on the big island of Hawaii hiking on Kilauea volcano. I'd love to go back there as soon as possible.

4. - The place I've enjoyed for a business trip the absolute most was the weekend stays between meetings in Heidelberg, Germany. I really want to go back there. Make sure to stop by the Kulturbrauerei for a fine ale or a good meal.

5. - I've tried twice to start my own business without success. This last time I had a decent chance but as usual cash flow, or the lack thereof, go in the way. I still intend to make it some day.

6. - I enjoy the work I do, but I hate the long hours and the expectations that surround them.

7. - I love sailing and wish I could be on the water way more than I am.

8. - My hurricane tracking enthusiasm is an enjoyable hobby and led to this site and all the friends I've found in cyberspace.

Now for my targets. Tags to

Dumb Ox
AB Freedom

If you choose not to participate, that's OK, just think of this as another endorsement of y'alls blog.

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