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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Avast - There be trouble a brewin' in paradise

(Talk like a pirate day)
Ahoy me hardy's- the typhoon be approachin' ye who lives along the Ole Gulf Coast. The land of lost treasures will be mighty stirred up over the next fortnight. Arggh - the rain be a coming from across La Floride and headin' to the bounty in the lands of Galvez and LaFitte.

As the cyclone comes across the Mexican Sea, it will grow from the bathlike waters - whatever that may be. The winds n'er be in our sails and won't rip apart the storm me matey's.

Aye me cap'ain be scrambling to hoist the main and beat out to Tortuga to protect the ship or the storm will surely get her good.

As me Doct'r Frank told ye the High pressure be driving the storm for the Tejas coast or maybe me swamp lands in Louisiana. If the storm comes this far west then she will surely be a mighty one.

The other chance is a shoot to the nord into Ole Miss and 'Bama.

So keep the parrot fed, the patch dry and the peg leg polished. May the wind be to ye back and ye sails be full. We be riding rough before the moon is new.

OK it's corney but I tried

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