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Friday, January 04, 2008

I'm back on the air

Gulf Coast Hurricane Tracker and Science Now were identified as SPAM Blogs today by Bloggers automatic systems - or was I flagged as having objectionable content? The process was rather impersonal and very little information was provided. Basically, you were flagged, if you are reading this and fill out the word verification form then you are not likely a spam blog but we need a human to look at your blog within 4 business days. In the meantime you cannot publish any new posts. I found out later that I can edit my posts and save them for posting later. If you do not respond within 20 days, then they delete the blog.

What I object to is the lack of information as to what prompted the action and no way available to contact anyone at Blogger. No e-mail address for technical support, no phone number, no contact information. This has been my complaint in the past when the systems we not working properly. No way to contact anyone for help. There are the forums but I do not feel that these are reliable. I even left a comment stating that if a human was reviewing this blog to please leave a comment or an e-mail letting me know what prompted this. No response.

It is interesting how there is no easy way to contact Blogger when you have a problem or a question. You get no messages when they fix something (although the news section on the dashboard page is an improvement). Yet if the computer robot detects something that it doesn't like then I immediately get an e-mail that my privileges are suspended pending review.

On thing I know for certain. Blogger is not customer oriented. Add some technical service capability and the ability to communicate directly with a service tech and mis understandings like these will not occur.

I look forward to (but do not expect) a reply comment from a Blogger technician.

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