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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Boris strengthens ... and Atlantic wave off Africa

Tropical Storm Boris has become Hurricane Boris with sustained winds around 75 MPH and gusts up to 90. While the water temperature is clearly high enough for storm intensification, wind shear was expected to moderate any growth in Boris' storm intensity. With a due west direction and expectations that further development is not likely, Boris poses no threats to land.

Wind shear tore apart Christina who is now only a tropical depression with no chance for re-strengthening.
A third wave off the coast of Mexico looks good for development. If this storm does organize, then it will become Tropical Storm Douglas.

In the Atlantic, we have some development. A rather large tropical wave has formed off the coast of Africa. I don't know if this wave will develop at all and if it does, if it will remain organized as it crosses the Atlantic. This time of year most of the storms that affect the US form in the Gulf of Mexico or the Caribbean Sea. Right now there is only a low chance of development but with the size of the disturbance, it is worth watching.

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