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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

#1 Daughter reaches milestone

It's time for a proud dad to do a little bragging.

This afternoon, my oldest daughter graduates from high school. We made the drive across the southland Sunday taking 15 hours and 45 minutes door - to - door. I've done this drive quite a few times but this time it was with a full carload. We head back tomorrow with my son who will join us for the summer.

Ky has worked very hard these past few years and now she can see that all her work has paid off. School hasn't been all academics.

Intermediate school in League City had the band years. She became quite a fine flutist before deciding that this wasn't the way she wanted to go. At Clear Creek HS she tried out for a made the trainer squad for football and basketball. I must admit that her having an active roll around a bunch of football players made dad just a tad nervous at first. But it was soon very obvious how much she enjoyed it and was a very important part of the team. Her value to the team was really emphasized when we had to move last summer. When she decided to come to central Texas her coach at CCHS called the trainer coaches here at McNeil HS and recommended her highly. She was accepted on both the JV and varsity squads with no hesitation.

It is amazing how quickly 18 years can zip by. I said last night that I can remember when she was the age of her little sister like it was and now she's graduating. Yes Dad will probably get a little teary - I admit it outright.

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