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Sunday, February 01, 2009

American Meteorological Society Certification

Georgia Tech offers AMS certification for all science and engineering undergraduate majors interested in the weather and forecasting.

All science and engineering majors qualify for AMS Seal for Broadcast Meteorology if they also take 12 units of meteorology and related sciences (other majors can qualify). Visit the AMS web site or contact EAS for more information. The following course combination fulfills the requirements.

Courses for AMS Certification
EAS 2750: Physics of the Weather (3-0-3) (Fall and Spring)
EAS 4655: Atmospheric Dynamics (3-0-3) (Fall)
EAS 4450: Synoptic Meteorology (3-0-3) (Spring)

And one of:

EAS 3603: Thermodynamics (3-0-3) (Fall)

EAS 4300: Oceanography (3-0-3) (Fall)

EAS 4803: Radar and Satellite Meteorology (3-0-3) (Fall)

This is a really great way to get a science based education in meteorology.

Or you could gain credibility in the eyes of the public and pay attention to some overfed rodent from Pensylvania tomorrow morning :-)

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