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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Tropical Storm Paloma develops in the Caribbean; Intensifies

Tropical Storm Paloma developed yesterday and is rapidly intensifying with winds now at 60 MPH. This storm is expected to reach hurricane strength and possibly become a major Category 3 storm before making landfall in Central Cuba.

From The Sun-Sentinel (Ken Kays Storm Center)

At 1 p.m. today, Tropical Storm Paloma was quickly intensifying, as it had
sustained winds of 60 mph. It was in the Caribbean about 235 miles southwest of
Grand Cayman, moving north at 7 mph. Because the forecast track was shifted
slightly to the south, the Keys are no longer in the cone of uncertainty. The
system still is expected to hit Cuba on Sunday as a Category 2 hurricane.

Paloma is somewhat unusual, forming in November but this is not outside of normal developments. The Atlantic Hurricane Season lasts until the end of the month and 20 other hurricanes have formed during November since 1944. What has been unusual is how dead the season became in October. Since Ike there have been 7 named storms but all of these remained out to sea or shot way north.

One storm that we did not discuss was Hurricane Kyle which hit the Canadian Maritimes. This was strange indeed maintaining hurricane strength so far into the North Atlantic.

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