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Monday, February 08, 2010

Audi Superbowl commercial

Is this the real end-game for the environmental alarmists?

I think this is a great commercial and is quite funny. I applaud Audi for keeping a sense of humor and pointing to the extreme as a way to to get people's attention.

The question, though, is where are we headed environmentally?

We have made great progress since the 1970's with air pollution, litter and water pollution, but this does not seem to be enough. Yes we must take care of the environment but when people claim that clean, harmless CO2 is a pollutant and act hysterically whenever anyone tries to discuss a differing point of view, the result can lead to the video above.

Carbon dioxide along with water are the natural end products of complete combustion and respiration. as long as things burn or animals breathe, CO2 will be generated.

In 1859, John Tyndall isolated various gases in an apparatus and discovered the "greenhouse effect".

On the origin of ‘the greenhouse effect’: John Tyndall’s 1859 interrogation of nature (Wiley InterScience).

From what I can tell in the above article, the one thing Dr. Tyndall did not try was combining multiple gases to see the interactive effect. But carbon dioxide is only a very small portion of the atmosphere (388 ppm) while water vapor is anywhere from 2 - 6% depending on relative humidity. The increase in CO2 in the atmosphere is but a trace compared to the variability of moisture in the air and the effect of that moisture on heat entrapment. The effect of humidity is clear on a hot day in Houston or Miami compared with the same temperatures in Phoenix or Sacramento.

Likewise plastics have received a bum rap over the years. Yet the processes for producing plastics are much cleaner than the process for making paper products. Just drive by a paper mill and take a deep breath of the air down-wind. The stench can be unbearable and the water pollution can be quite serious as well (IMHO). Plastics plants are clean and do not contribute to air or water pollution provided that they maintain good housekeeping as required by law and good citizenship.

If we are not careful, green police and PC police will take away our liberties by eliminating the choices we can make for ourselves and our families.

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