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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haiti relief: donations

Haiti is desparate for assistance. Reports on the news repeatedly show that the streets are blocked with debris and even dead bodies. This is making distribution of material things very difficult. For two days the airport was even blocked to the point that no planes could land and those that did could not refuel to take off. I understand that this has now been resolved.

Former President Bill Clinton stated yesterday that what is needed is small monitary donations from a lot of people. First Lady Michelle Obama has stressed that cell phone donations can be made to the Red cross by texting "Haiti" to 90999. $10 will be charged to your phone bill. There are several other organizations accepting donations on their official websites. A partial listing below contains links to their websites.

VIDEO: Mrs. Obama's appeal (Red Cross)

Each of the links below contain information on what that organization is doing to help Haiti and links and methods to donate or volunteer. Please consider offerring your assistance in whatever way you can to help these people so greatly in need.

Clinton Bush Haiti Fund

At the request of President Obama, we are partnering to help the Haitian people reclaim their country and rebuild their lives.

Our immediate priority is to save lives. The critical needs in Haiti are great, but they are also simple: food, water, shelter, and first-aid supplies. The best way concerned citizens can help is to donate funds that will go directly to supplying these material needs.

Through the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, we will work to provide immediate relief and long-term support to earthquake survivors. We will channel the collective goodwill around the globe to help the people of Haiti rebuild their cities, their neighborhoods, and their families.

American Red Cross

First Lady Michelle Obama also released a Public Service Announcement asking people to join her in supporting the Red Cross relief efforts in Haiti:

“The images from Haiti are heart-breaking—homes, hospitals and schools destroyed; families searching for loved ones; parents trying to feed their children. But we can all do something. We can help the American Red Cross as it delivers the food, water and medicine that can save lives. Donate $10 by texting “HAITI” to 9-0-9-9-9. Visit or call 1-800-RED-CROSS. Thanks for your help.”

How to Help
While the American Red Cross appreciates heartfelt offers to travel to Haiti or to donate household items, at this time, what the Red Cross needs the most are financial contributions – whether by check, online or by phone.

You can make a donation to the American Red Cross International Response Fund at or by calling 1-800-RED-CROSS. Donors can designate their gifts to Haiti relief. You can also donate $10 to Haiti relief by texting “HAITI” to 90999.

Doctors Without Borders

We are incredibly grateful for the generous support from our donors for the emergency in Haiti.

MSF has been working in Haiti for 19 years, most recently operating three emergency hospitals in Port-au-Prince, and is mobilizing a large emergency response to this disaster. Our immediate response in the first hours following the disaster in Haiti was only possible because of private unrestricted donations from around the world received before the earthquake struck. We are currently reinforcing our teams on the ground in order to respond to the immediate medical needs and to assess the humanitarian needs that MSF will be addressing in the months ahead.

We are now asking our donors to give to our Emergency Relief Fund. These types of funds ensure that our medical teams can react to the Haiti emergency and humanitarian crises all over the world, particularly neglected crises that remain outside the media spotlight. Your gift via this website will be earmarked for our Emergency Relief Fund.

Your gift today will support emergency medical care for the men, women, and children affected by the earthquake in Haiti. Please give as generously as you can to our Haiti Earthquake Response and help us save lives.

Alert: Due to reports of fraudulent activity, we are asking all donors to please be wary of third-party solicitations for Haiti relief. To ensure that your donation goes directly to Doctors Without Borders, please use our secure website or toll-free phone number 1-888-392-0392. - -->

Engineers Without Borders

In light of the recent devastating earthquake in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, the EWB-USA community offers our thoughts and well wishes to the people of Haiti. While EWB-USA does not work in the field of disaster relief, our chapters do partner with the various communities within the country to work on community and infrastructure needs. EWB-USA projects directly support communities and work closely with local partners to design and implement sustainable engineering projects.

If you would like to get involved in supporting Haiti, here are three ways you can make a difference:

William J. Clinton Foundation

On January 12, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake hit outside of the capital of Haiti, causing widespread destruction to homes, hospitals, schools, government buildings, roads, and lives. Emergency responses from the U.S. Department of State, the American Red Cross, Mercy Corps, and others have been quick, but we need your immediate support to provide food, shelter, and other relief supplies. As the UN’s Special Envoy to Haiti, President Clinton is asking everyone to give what you can to help the people of Haiti respond and recover from this disaster.
Partners In Health

PIH has been working on the ground in Haiti for over 20 years. We urgently need your support to help those affected by the recent earthquake.

Partners In Health (PIH) works to bring modern medical care to poor communities in nine countries around the world. The work of PIH has three goals: to care for our patients, to alleviate the root causes of disease in their communities, and to share lessons learned around the world.

Based in Boston, PIH employs more than 11,000 people worldwide, including doctors, nurses and community health workers. The vast majority of PIH staff are local nationals based in the communities we serve.
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

The IFRC has revised and raised its Haiti appeal, and is now calling for 105.7 million Swiss francs (103 million US dollars/73 million euro) to assist 300,000 people for three years.

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