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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tropical Cyclone Talas Brewing

TS Talas [15W] - Update #002 (

Tropical Storm TALAS (15W) moving NW across the open sea with little change of strength

This weekend, TS TALAS is likely to interact (Fujiwhara Effect) with Typhoon NANMADOL (MINA) located over the Philippine Sea, east of Luzon.



TALAS (15W) is expected to move on a slow Northerly track throughout the forecast period with increasing intensity. This system will remain over open waters. Below is the summary of the 2-day forecast for this system.

TOMORROW EVENING (FRI): Intensifying over the open sea...tracking North slowly...about 342 km SSW of Iwo To (formerly Iwo Jima) [8PM AUG 26: 22.1N 139.7E @ 100kph].
SATURDAY EVENING (SAT): Upgraded to a Typhoon...about 249 km SW of Iwo To [8PM AUG 27: 23.1N 139.7E @ 130kph].

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