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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

North Gulf Coast Radar

Issac is still a tropical storm this morning but is slowly strengthening. With 71 MPH sustained winds, this storm is likely to intensify to hurricane status soon. This morning The Weather Channel was reporting that the storm was tightening up indicating that it would soon be stregnthening.

Either way - a strong tropical storm or a weak hurricane, the effect will be the same - heavy rain over the entire area. Mississippi can expect 15+ inches of rain with this storm and if the storm surge comes ashore during high tide, the wave heights can be as high as 12 feet. The key thing is to be prepared. This storm is a rainmaker and the storm stracks are showing the heaviest rain will likely go north into Louisiana,  Mississippi, and Arkansas with some bands coming further east. Alabama will probably get a fair amount of rain. It is my estimate that any rain from Issac in the Georgia area will be minimal.

At this point it looks like Issac is the type of storm we are looking for to fill up our lakes and releive the drought conditions we've all had all summer, but the rain will be heavy and flooding is always a major concern. So please be prepared.

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