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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Alabama meteorologist fights back

Link from The Birmingham News

There is a quote displayed on the Dumb Ox Daily News site from Edmund Burke:

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

Comparing Global Warming hysteria to evil is stretching it a bit but the concept is the same. Unfortunately many of us sit quiet and ignore statements that claim that the sole cause of global warming is human induced and especially by people in the western world. The result is continued indoctrination of the masses with the same half truths and junk science.

The debate on the existence and causes of catastrophic global warming took a turn to the nasty the other day when Dr. Heidi Cullen of the Weather Channel stated that weather forecasters that did not state the party line should have their AMS certification revoked. This is outrageous. Why don't we hear cries of censorship from the media, ACLU and other organizations that supposedly champion free speech. Could it be that since the message is the one they support they actually concur that those dissenters should be silenced?

Well one weather prognosticator would not sit quietly. James Spann, meteorologist from ABC-TV 33/40 in Birmingham, Alabama wrote a rebuttal in his blog that by now I am sure most of us have read or heard about.

"The Weather Channel Mess"

The Drudge Report linked to the blog and the result has been over 400 comments and a thousand e-mails to Mr. Spann.

Mr. Spann responded to all the attention with the following: An Interesting Day at the Office. I am sure that Mr. Spann wasn't trying to achieve any level of fame or celebrity beyond that which he has earned as a result of his TV appearances, but he now has national exposure.

Once again someone with scientific expertise has said what we've all known - it's about the money. The so-called scientific consensus is is the recognition that if you say what you are "supposed to" you will continue to get your grant money.

When the Weather Channel set up their One Degree website, I decided to link to it knowing that they would likely champion a position that global warming was a human induced phenomenon and that CO2 emissions were the likely cause. It was my hope that they would be presenting the science behind their statements so that we could discriminate the arguments on both sides of the issue and make an intelligent determination of reality. Unfortunately, as with most things that take on a political undertone - especially from the point of view on the left - there is no argument of ideas. Instead the side with the weaker argument tries to censor and squelch all input that doesn't support their position. As a result of this latest position by Dr. Cullen, I will be removing the direct link to the One Degree site from my blog. I will keep the Weather Channel link but if anyone wants to read Dr. Cullen's comments you will have to drill down yourself.

I have no argument with presenting differing views and that is why I put the link up in the first place. Dr. Cullen has demonstrated that she is not interested in the science but instead will only push the party line. I will not support that.

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