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Friday, January 05, 2007

Since when is a warm winter a bad thing?

I've seen a bunch of articles screaming about climate change and global warming this past week. Since half the country is having higher than normal temperatures, the alarmists can yell about global warming. Last year it was hard to yell global warming while everyone's teeth were rattling. By the same token, the heavy now in Colorado is also being blamed on global warming as well.

It seems to me that having a lower than normal heating bill due to unusually warm temperatures is a good thing. Growing up in the northeast, I remember my parents fretting when it was really cold and worrying that the oil truck would get held up. Warmer winters were always welcome but they never lasted long. By late January to mid-February we always got some snow and an Alberta Clipper or a nor'easter would come in reminding us what time of year it is. I bet the same thing will happen again this year. (Reuters)

Unfortunately, the MSM and the alarmists all point to current weather conditions to say that we are in a crisis right now.

So because of global warming we have:
It seems to me that these are all within normal variations.

(Hat tip: Drudge Report)

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