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Monday, March 12, 2007

Global warming is not a crisis --- DUH!

This is news! ABC running an article denouncing the alarmism of the global warming crowd. I'm not thrilled with the way that this article begins but I certainly agree with the premise. Climate change has become a religion with the head witch doctor, Algore, exclaiming that it's a moral issue on the alter of Hollywood.

In the 1970s, the fear was "global cooling." The Christian Science Monitor then declaimed, "Warning: Earth's climate is changing faster than even experts expect," while The New York Times announced, "A major cooling of the climate is widely considered inevitable." Sound familiar? Global warming represents the latest doom-laden "crisis," one demanding sacrifice to Gaia for our wicked fossil-fuel-driven ways.

But neither history nor science bolsters such an apocalyptic faith.

The climate on this planet has been in a constant state of flux since the beginning of time. The current warm temperatures are not even as high as temperatures during medieval times. We know this from historical accounts of how the Vikings colonized Greenland in areas that are not inhabitable now.

There are real crises on that we have to deal with. Terrorism, Malaria, Starvation, drinkable water shortages. These are real problems that humans have to deal with.

Herein lies the moral danger behind global warming hysteria. Each day, 20,000 people in the world die of waterborne diseases. Half a billion people go hungry. A child is orphaned by AIDS every seven seconds. This does not have to happen. We allow it while fretting about "saving the planet." What is wrong with us that we downplay this human misery before our eyes and focus on events that will probably not happen even a hundred years hence? We know that the greatest cause of environmental degradation is poverty; on this, we can and must act.

The effects of global warming are long term not to be manifested for 100 years or so. Malaria has killed over 5.5 million people in the past 2 years. Terrorism is a real problem NOW. Hunger, starvation and safe drinking water supply are real problem that can be solved now. If the left invested the energy and money into solving the real problems of today we could make a real change. Hot summers and mild winters do not a crisis make.

The best solution to these problems is to help encourage real economic growth. Of course that goes against the real agenda of the left.

Climate change is a norm, not an exception. It is both an opportunity and a challenge. The real crises for 4 billion people in the world remain poverty, dirty water and the lack of a modern energy supply. By contrast, global warming represents an ecochondria of the pampered rich.

The "crisis" is the global warming political agenda, not climate change.

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