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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Busy Working but not gone

Just a little note to say HEY to everyone. Sorry I haven't been around lately. I've had my hands full at work and when I get home I just haven't had the energy and focus to add to the witty reparte that we all accustomed to. I have been visiting everyone, just not adding too many comments.

But I'm back into blogging again - just maybe not at the pace that I had earlier. It picks up and slows based on the severity of my writers block.

Don't forget to check out Science Today as well.

I added a post the other day on the new planet that was discovered. A planet that Star Trek would call a "Class M" Planet. Now we have some place to go to fight against the Klingons or whatever inhabitant we come across. Face it, with all our open mindedness and scientific wonder, the first thing we would do if we were ever visited from space is to get into a war against the new people. Either that or welcome them in with open arms and let them take over. (It's always one extreme or the other). After all , the aliens are only looking for good jobs for their families and a chance to survive.

Have a great day

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