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Friday, August 22, 2008

Typhoon Nuri strikes China at Hong Kong

Typhoon Nuri came ashore this morning (US time) at a much lower intensity than originally expected. A couple of days ago Nuri reached a Cat 3 status when it crossed the northern Phillipines and was projected to increase to a level 4 storm before coming ashore in china. depending on which source you read, the storm was projected to hit Taiwan, Hong Kong or somewhere in between.

When Nuri actually came ashore, the storm made landfall first in Hong Kong and then onthe mainland as a triopical Storm. Nuri is expected to decrease in intensity to a tropical depression by the weekend and then dissipate.

As we are seeign with Fay in the US, jsut because Nuri is no "just" a tropical storm does not mean that there are no worries. A heavy rain maker that is slow moving can create a much flooding. Tropical storms can cause much loss of life due to inland flooding. The southeast region of China has been hit with a lot of heavy rain this year between a few typhoons and the monsoon rains earlier int he summer. A heavy rainmaker could cause a lot of flooding so the people there need to be on the watch a head to high ground as necessary.

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