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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tropical Storm Nangka forms suddenly

Tropical Storm Nangka Slams Philippines(from

Typhoon Linfa passed through the South China Sea last week. Today a tropical depression developed into Tropical Storm Nangka today. Nangka made landfall on the eastern coast of the island of Samar. At landfall, sustained winds were 45 - 50 mph.

Looking forward, Nangka will bring substantial impact to the Philippines through at least Thursday while wending its way to the west and the north. Storm intensity will be squelched through the interaction of its wind flow with land, so Nangka's status will be that of tropical depression along part of its track.

Although the extent of any damaging winds will restricted along with the intensity of Nangka, rain impact will be potentially serious. Excessive rainfall will threaten flooding and mudslides until Nangka leaves the area to the north and west late in the week.
Story by Senior Meteorologist Jim Andrews (AccuWeather)

After passing across the Phillipine Islands, Nangka is expected to head towards Taiwan by mid-week and towards Japan by the week end.

Okinawa expects only strong winds from tropical storm Nangka (Stars & Stripes)

CAMP FOSTER, Okinawa — A new tropical storm spawned overnight Monday east of the Philippines, but weather officials at Kadena Air Base said it should only graze Okinawa to its west with winds of up to 40 mph this weekend.


Nangka was forecast by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center to pass 190 miles northwest of Okinawa around 8 a.m. Sunday. It’s expected to peak at 52-mph sustained winds and 63-mph gusts Wednesday and Thursday as it rumbles over the Philippines.


By the time it passes Okinawa, it should be packing winds of less than 50 knots (58 mph) at its center, McDonald said. The island should feel winds of between 30 and 40 mph Saturday night into Sunday morning if the storm stays on its JTWC forecast track, he added.

At 9 p.m., Nangka swirled 288 miles southeast of Manila and 1,041 miles south-southwest of Okinawa, churning west-northwest at 16 mph with sustained 40-mph winds and 52-mph gusts at its center.

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