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Monday, July 06, 2009

Tropical Storm Blanca forms off western Mexican coast

Tropical Storm Blanca formed over this past weekend and developed into a tropical storm with winds as high as 50 mph by Monday morning.

Tropical storm Blanca has formed in the eastern Pacific and is showing signs of strengthening at least through Tuesday.

Tropical storm Blanca had sustained winds near 50 mph Monday morning and will likely strengthen further over the next 24-36 hours.

Blanca's path continues to be west-northwest taking the storm well south of Baja California on its present course. (Examiner)

Bianca is moving away from land into open water. By Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, this storm will move into cooler water and likely dissipate.

Simultaneously, a little bit east and south is another area of disturbance that has the potential for further development. These two storms are so close together that they may merge to form one storm in a few days. Blanca is heading to the northwest while the other disturbance/depression is tracking primarily due west. If these storms don't converge within the next day or so, then they will drift apart and go their separate ways.

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