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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Watch Bill continues to churn through Atlantic

Tropical Update from The Weather Channel.

Bill continues to churn through Atlantic

Extremely dangerous Hurricane Bill continues to move in the Atlantic Ocean.

Bill is a little stronger again (The Weather Channel)

After weakening earlier in the day, Hurricane Bill has become a little better organized lately. Maximum sustained winds near the center now at 125 mph. Bill remains a category 3 hurricane.

Bill will continue moving over warm waters, and therefore could return to category 4 status.

Hurricane Bill is located 790 miles SSE of Bermuda, while continuing to move quickly off to the northwest. Bill should begin turning in a more northerly direction by later Friday.

Based on all available forecast data at this time, it appears that Bill will track west of Bermuda and east of the Eastern U.S. Coast over the next few days.

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