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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hurricane Update from AccuWeather

Bill Already Category 3 remnants of Ana might re-organize (AccuWeather video)

Hurricane Bill was confirmed as a Category 3 hurricane by NOAA Hurricane Hunter aircraft this evening. AccuWeather is predicting that Bill may even reach Category 4.

Bill Now a Major Hurricane, Ana Remains a Concern meteorologists are closely watching Hurricane Bill in the western Atlantic, which could reach Category 4 strength. Bill is expected to pass between Bermuda and Cape Cod in the coming days. The exact path will depend on how soon the hurricane makes a northward turn. Meanwhile, Ana, now near Cuba, could gain new life over Gulf of Mexico waters.


Most meteorologists and computer models agree that Bill will not be a direct hit on the eastern U.S. However, there is still prime concern of a landfall or near-miss of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and perhaps Bermuda.

Any point of land sticking out to the east in the Atlantic has a higher risk of impact with this situation.

Accuweather is also watching the remains of Ana very closely with the concern that she may re-form into a tropical storm on Wednesday or Thursday once she enters the Gulf of Mexico near the Florida Gulf Coast.
Tropical Rainstorm Ana, or what was Ana, has been ripped up and disorganized by the large, rugged islands of the northern Caribbean.

However, Meteorologists remained concerned that Ana will regenerate or perhaps a new system will develop in the extensive clusters of thunderstorms.

The center of this disturbed area is over Cuba now and the greatest potential for redevelopment will be over the eastern and central Gulf of Mexico or even the Florida Straits.

Intense, gusty, drenching thunderstorms will pound Cuba, nearby islands and south Florida over the next couple of days due to Ana's influence. These monster storms will bring the risks of torrential rainfall, flooding and mudlsides.

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