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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hurricane Camille - 40 year anniversary

Fourty years ago yesterday (August 17, 1969) Hurricane Camille came ashore on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The level of destruction had been unprecident with the exception of the 1901 Galveston Hurricane.

Hurricane Camille's fury remembered 40 years later (USA Today)
Camille was a Category 5 hurricane with howling winds of 190 mph when it crashed ashore near Bay St. Louis, Miss., just before midnight that Aug. 17. The storm had strengthened after brushing the western tip of Cuba, and also swiped the boot of southeast Louisiana as it roared ashore, its storm surge peaking at about 24 feet.

The storm claimed 256 lives, including more than 100 in Virginia, where its remnants triggered widespread flooding and landslides.
Camille's effect was widespread. I do not know the details, but I do know that my former father in law lost many family members and friends during this storm.

The USA article compares Camille with Katrina and in many w2ays these storms are very similar. To me, the big issue is the fact that in both cases, people did not heed the warnings of their local and state governments. When an order comes in to evacuate - GET OUT!!!

Evacuations can be a real pain and can be costly but the first priority must be safety. Not only your own safety but the safety of the responders who have to save your butt because you didn't listen to them in the first place.

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