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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Parma slowly making its way inland

After causing a great deal of devestation in the Philippines and heavy rain in China, Tropical Storm Parma is dying down and slowing down significantly as it makes landfall in northern Vietnam. The forward motion of this storm , IMO, appeared to basically have stopped. Moving only 3 MPH to the northwest, the center of the storms seems to be parked over the Vietnamese coast since Tuesday night.

Vietnam braces for arrival of Parma(CBC News)
Vietnam has evacuated 30,000 people from their homes along the country's northern coast in preparation for the arrival Wednesday of tropical storm Parma, which is fading in strength after leaving more than 300 dead in the Philippines and China.

Vietnam's government weather service said it expected Parma to be downgraded to a tropical depression as it moves along the coastline of northern provinces Wednesday evening.

While rains have been reported in the region, major flooding is not expected on the same scale as the flooding that struck the Philippines almost two weeks ago when Parma first hit.

The storm has sustained winds of 40 MPH and is expected to be downgraded to a tropical depression as it moves along the coast and further inland. Since the storm strength has lessened compared to what it was earlier, some fishermen have taken the risk to put out to sea. This is certainly a mistake as the high seas are still an issue.

Storm churns Vietnam, kills fisherman (Independent)

A Chinese fisherman died and 12 went missing as Tropical Storm Parma churned seas off Vietnam, a government official said Thursday.

Two Chinese fishing boats with 14 crew members aboard were reported missing on Wednesday after they anchored at the Vietnamese island of Bach Long Vi to escape the storm.

Nguyen Ba Tien, head of the storm authority in the port city of Haiphong, said coastal border forces had found the body of one of the Chinese fishermen on Thursday and were searching for the others.


As the storm weakened early on Wednesday, the fishing boats weighed anchor despite continued rough seas. Haiphong coastal border guards then lost radio contact with them.

"I believe big waves sank them," Tien said.

Vietnam's national storm and flood authorities said Parma sank 64 fishing boats, three barges, two motorboats and 50 coracles and seriously injured seven people.

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