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Monday, October 12, 2009

Tropical Storm Parma makes landfall on Hainan

Tropical Storm Hainan made landfall on China's Hainan Island Monday morning local time (approximately 20 hours ago). The storm has crossed the island and re-emerged over water heading for Vietnam.

Tropical Storm Makes China Landfall After Battering Philippines (Bloomberg)

Oct. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Tropical Storm Parma made landfall on the southern Chinese island of Hainan, after moving away from the Philippines where it crossed Luzon three times leaving almost 200 people dead.

Parma reached the coast at about 10 a.m. Chinese time today, the official Xinhua News Agency said. There were no reports of casualties or damage.

The storm’s winds were blowing at 65 kilometers (40 miles) per hour before it hit land, according to the U.S. Joint Typhoon Warning Center. The storm is forecast to head toward Vietnam after it crosses Hainan. It’s due to cross the Vietnamese coast south of Hanoi after 7 p.m. local time tomorrow

Tropical storm Parma lands on S China province Hainan (Xinhua)
HAIKOU, Oct. 12 (Xinhua) -- Tropical storm Parma made a powerful landing in Wanning City in the southernmost island province of Hainan on Monday, said the provincial observatory.

The Hainan provincial meteorological station said Parma landed in Longgun Township at 9:50 a.m. Monday, packing wind with a speed of up to 54 km per hour.
The storm caused a fishing boat to capsize killing three people. Five others had to be rescued from the sea. The boat capsized and sank as the storm struck. Apparently there were nine people on board and one person remains missing.

Death toll rises to three after tropical storm Parma lands in south China (Xinhua)
Parma made a landfall in Wanning's Longgun Township at 9:50 a.m. Monday, packing winds of up to 54 km per hour, according to the Hainan Provincial Observatory.

The storm is moving northwestward at a speed of 15 km per hour.

The tropical storm brought strong winds and rains to most parts of the province, and local authorities have warned residents against flash floods, landslides and other disasters.


In addition to Hainan, Parma brought winds and rains to coastal areas of Guangdong, Fujian and Taiwan provinces.

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