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Monday, October 05, 2009

Super Typhoon Melor bears down on Japan

Super Typhoon Melor has become a monster of a storm for the past few days with Category 5 winds exceeding 156 MPH with gusts as high as 165 MPH. Melors path continues to turn more northwardly. The projected path will loop Melor around and put this storm in position to rake across Japan's southern shore. The cone of uncertainty includes Tokyo.

Super Typhoon Melor still on a path near Tokyo Japan (Examiner)
Super Typhoon Melor is turning north and is expected to make a curve around the coast of Japan. The maximum sustained winds were 135 knots, or 156 mph. Wind gusts were 165 knots, or 190 mph. This is just a little slower than the last report. The wave heights were 40 feet high. Hurricane or typhoon strength winds extend 140 nautical miles across, while tropical storm force winds extend 280 nautical miles across.

The forecast track takes it very close to Tokyo by Wednesday local time. It should not be as strong as it will move over colder water causing it to weaken. It should be noted that storms carry wave memory. This means that the storm surge and waves take longer to settle down after the storm weakens, so a coastal flooding threat remains for Japan, and should be taken seriously even as the winds slow down.

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