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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Tropical Storm Ida forms in the southwestern Caribbean

A tropical storm has developed in the southwestern Caribbean Sea near the Central American coast. This storm has intensified very quickly and already has sustained winds of 65 MPH. A hurricane watch and tropical storm warning is currently in place for the eastern coast of Nicaragua.

Tropical Storm Ida forms in southwest Caribbean (Associated Press)
MANAGUA, Nicaragua — Tropical storm Ida formed in the southwestern Caribbean on Wednesday, quickly gaining muscle and threatening to become a hurricane before making landfall in Nicaragua.

Nicaraguan authorities readied shelters, saying evacuations were likely in the coastal city of Bluefields and the towns of Laguna de Perlas, Cruz de Rio Grando and Kukra Hills.

"We're taking precautions for the storm, which we expect will hit our territory on Thursday," said Lt. Col. Reinaldo Carrion, the head of Civil Defense in Bluefields. "We are ready to act."
According to Weather Channel Radio on Sirius/XM, it is not so unusual to have a tropical storm or a hurricane in the Atlantic in November. Approximately every other year a storm forms in the southern Caribbean so this is not that unusual. That the season has been so quiet is what is so unusual.

Tropical Storm Ida forms in the Caribbean (Weather Channel Video)

The big question is if interaction with the mountains of Nicaragua and Honduras will completely tear apart this storm or if it will maintain enough strength to reform and enter the Gulf of Mexico.

Meanwhile, AccuWeather meteorologist Joe Bastardi has been warning about tropical weather in the Bay of Campeche which will bring heavy rain and wind to the central Gulf Coast.

Double Trouble in the Tropics (AccuWeather video)

He also points out the possibility that if Ida maintains its strength and does not interact with land too much, the warm water of the western Caribbean could support the development of a hurricane.

Tropical weatehr could affect the Texas coast early next week and the Texas or Louisiana coasts later in the week or the following weekend.

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