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Monday, December 14, 2009

Damage assessments from Cyclone Mick

Damage assessments are ongoing in Fiji as the effects of Tropical Cyclone Mick are determined. It appears that the brunt of the storm was felt by the island of Viti Levu. The Island of Vomo passed through the storm with no damage.

Vomo Island Fiji Unscathed After Cyclone Mick (Pacific Scoop)

Cyclone Mick passed over VOMO on Monday morning (14th December) and by the evening had made its way over the main island of Viti Levu.

Vomo’s General Manager Wayne Milgate says “our thoughts are with those who have lost loved ones and had homes destroyed. We were very fortunate, the most noticeable damage has been to the landscaping, with several trees uprooted, but that within 48-hours all debris will be cleared.”

After a brief disruption to telecommunication services the resort is now fully operational and all services have been restored.

Unfortunately, this was not the case on the main island, Viti Levu. Heavy flooding caused a great deal of damage to crops and many buildings had structural damage. Widespread power outages were reported across the island and at least three people have been killed, all as a result of drowning.

Cyclone Mick wreaks deadly havoc in Fiji (Argentina Star)

People have been killed in a savage cyclone that swept over Fiji's main island of Viti Levu on Monday.

Cyclone Mick, which has caused widespread flooding and damage, is believed to have led to the deaths of three people.

Police have reported that a 19-year-old man was swept away while crossing a river in northern Viti Levu on Monday. A 23-year-old also drowned in the Sigatoka area in the southwest of the island. A school student was reported killed in the northwestern highlands after being struck by a tree.

Power outages, property and crop damage in Fiji after cyclone (Radio New Zealand)

The president of Fiji’s retailers association says many consumers and businesses experienced power outages in the wake of Cyclone Mick.

The cyclone swept over the Yasawa islands yesterday and the main island of Viti Levu last night.

Himmat Lodhia says many homes on the outskirts of Suva city are still without power today.

He says the category two storm also ruined many food gardens with crops in the interior of Viti Levu devastated.

Mr Lodhia says he’s also hearing reports of flood damage to properties near rivers or on the coast.


A Fiji resident living on elevated land above the Rewa River in Nausori in Viti Levu says he fears river levels are rising again following the cyclone.

Dr Lepani Waqatakirewa, who lives in Baulevu near Nausori town, says many farm houses and much land remain underwater after the river burst its banks during the storm.

He says he can only see the roofs of many farm houses located in the valley below and fears the water level is likely to rise again.

Western regions also saw the destruction of farmlands.

Cyclone, flood assessment begins (Fiji Village)

The Commissioner Western's office is trying to arrange for helicopters to assess damages done by Tropical Cyclone Mick in the Yasawas, Vatulele and the Interior of Viti Levu.

Farmers who had invested alot of time and money in their fields, could do nothing but watch months of their hard work being washed away by flood waters last night.

Deo Shankar of Valley Road in Sigatoka said that Tropical Cyclone Mick has seen all their hard work go down the drain within the span of a few minutes.

Cyclone Mick is forecast to weaken as it continues its track to the southeast. The storm track has shifted slightly to the north which brings Tonga within the cone of uncertainty. Tonga will likely receive some rain and winds from Mick but it will be from a much diminished storm compared to that which slammed into Fiji.

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